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Design & Architecture



Quality is paramount in software development. Time and resources spent on factors dealing with quality will greatly affect the projects return on investment (ROI). Projects can cut corners for a short period of time, but those items will always come back and need to be addressed. 


PC Paramedics strives to model  the data and the business correctly. Too often models “form” instead of being created. Having your system modeled correctly will allow your systems to more easily adapt to changing business needs and changing markets. 

Risk Management

We recognize that systems can’t have everything and anticipate every change. We keep short term, medium term and long term business objectives in mind when creating the design and architecture of systems for our clients.  Considering multiple timeframes ensures we are working to achieve all objectives simultaneously, and not unknowingly compromising  one objective for another. 


Systems and processes are often thought to be complex problems which are hard to understand. PC Paramedics first and foremost strives to understand the heart of the actual problems at hand. Once we understand the problem we break it down. We review and analyze the process looking for inefficiencies, and then redesign the process as a collection of simple pieces assembled to perform a complex task. 


We have been pioneers in automation for software development. Since 1997, we have incorporated automated methods and procedures into software development to help us quickly create robust, consistent, repeatable, dependable, quickly deployable code.  Given a data structure we know the exact code to be generated.