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Microsoft .NET is the key technology that enables custom applications to be developed quickly and efficiently. At PC Paramedics,  we leverage .NET to develop web, mobile, desktop and cloud applications.
  • Integration
  • Web applications
  • Web services
  • Mobile applications
  • Desktop applications



Microsoft Visual Studio 2019, has features built in to support agile processes, sophisticated management tools, and robust testing infrastructure that are essential for creating fast results.



Microsoft SQL Server 2019 | What Can You Expect? | Northdoor plc.

Microsoft started down the SQL Server path back in 1989. Since that time the product has had 14 major revisions, and runs major enterprises worldwide. With SQL 2019 Microsoft has positioned itself to be a leader in availability and in big data. 

Major Features:

  • AlwaysOn Availability Groups
  • Windows Server Core Support
  • Columnstore Indexes
  • User-Defined Server Roles
  • Enhanced Auditing Features
  • BI Semantic Model
  • Sequence Objects
  • Enhanced PowerShell Support
  • Distributed Replay
  • PowerView
  • SQL Azure Enhancements
  • Big Data Support